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Vision and Values

Our purpose is to provide young people with a voice to help them change the world.


We strengthen our students’ sense of identity, independence, self-esteem and self-worth, providing them with the qualities to make a meaningful difference in the future.


We aim to inspire a love of learning and the motivation to achieve academic excellence. But, equally as important, we encourage our students to develop their creativity and imagination, to build positive relationships with others and an understanding of the world around them.


We deliver a curriculum that facilitates the development of strong academic skills and moral character through a variety of subjects and memorable experiences.  It is built on three tenets: Heart, Mind, Connect. These relate to different aspects of character or behaviour we seek to nurture in pursuit of personal and academic success. For each aspect we have adopted a quotation by an individual admired for their considerable contribution or achievement in that particular area; these carefully chosen words provide meaning and help our students to understand our ethos.


At The Halifax Academy we are committed to an ongoing process of learning, self-reflection, adaptation and growth. We regularly evaluate our practice and make adjustments to ensure we are providing our students with the best possible education. Our culture and curriculum put student wellbeing at the heart of everything we do. We work hard to equip our students with the tools to become resilient young people who can take care of their own wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of others.



Our Character Curriculum, based on Heart, Mind, Connect, has been carefully and thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of our students and is delivered by staff who care deeply about them. Our staff have the knowledge, expertise and skills to improve educational results and sustain improvement over time. This is reflected in the attainment of our students, which keeps getting better and better, year on year.

A Voice to Change the World

Our purpose is to give young people a voice to enable them to change the world.