Our approach is underpinned by our values of Heart, Mind, Connect.



Students are encouraged to be creative, confident, ambitious for themselves and others. We are a school where everybody strives for excellence but who understands that finding things difficult is a normal part of learning. We celebrate success but learn how to meet challenges with resilience and fortitude. When others around us fail or falter, we demonstrate kindness and encouragement.



Students develop learning attributes: resourcefulness, respect, resilience, reflection and reasoning. They practise these skills every lesson, every day and are rewarded for their efforts. We help students to manage their time, prioritise, problem solve and we provide frequent opportunities for thoughtful reflection. Students are wise enough to know the importance of education and are keen to take the next steps in their learning.



Students are encouraged to use their own voice. Speaking is emphasised as a tool for thinking, debate and presentation both in and outside the classroom. In a complex world, we encourage students to use their voice for good; we want our students to be able to express themselves knowledgably, eloquently and to be a force for change.


Coaching lies at the heart of our approach. Teachers are given time each week to reflect, read research, plan and build their subject knowledge. Working in groups, staff learn from each other, share professional conversations and undertake research projects. Staff and students use this learning to guide their own classroom investigations. Their findings feed through into practice so that the academy can refine and improve its teaching and learning.


Teachers are encouraged to become reflective practitioners and leaders, to try new things and take risks. Having time to think and discuss, ensures we are a happy, thriving professional community.


We are committed to the ongoing development of our staff and believe in developing leaders at all levels, in all roles.  Valued, our professional learning review, is built around our values of Heart, Mind, Connect, allowing individuals to drive their own learning. Staff take ownership of their development through self-evaluation against professional standards and by using The Ethical Leadership Framework as a tool for positive behaviours. We want all colleagues to be inspired and supported to realise their full potential.


‘The Halifax Academy recognises that a main factor in the success of the organisation is the inherent skill set and passion of its people and the continued development of a culture that supports both progression and development which will continue to be required to sustain continuity of support and growth. Of particular note are the high level of trust in the leadership of the organisation, how well people are engaged with the purpose of The Halifax Academy, how well they work together as a team and have roles which allow for their work to be interesting and how continuous improvement is encouraged.’ IIP Gold 2020.