Careers guidance at The Halifax Academy

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance at The Halifax Academy helps ensure that all young people can make informed choices about their future. We have been accredited with the Gold Standard Award in Careers, showing our commitment to high quality CEIAG. The academy provides a planned programme of careers education and works closely with other education and training providers to ensure that all students have an understanding of the different post-16 pathways and providers available.


Our Vision

To embed within our students the ability, knowledge and skills to make well-informed decisions for life after The Halifax Academy. Our students will have the voice to make decisions and the self-worth to reach their aspirations after Year 11.


The academy provides time for young people to explore their different options during Curriculum Development Days and Personal Education Lessons. We give our students the confidence – and also the skills and guidance – to excel. To enable our students to excel in the future, we help them develop skills such as resilience, self motivation and metacognition. We raise aspirations and open doors by creating opportunities to hear from or work with professionals in all kinds of fields.


Key careers support staff at The Halifax Academy

Mrs Kozic-Shaw –
Mrs Jabbal –
Rachel Mackenzie –

Diane Cothey (Careers Governor) –