Safeguarding for children and adults during Covid-19

The unusual and difficult circumstances that we find ourselves in due to Covid-19 means that some people are at greater risk of isolation and forms of abuse such as neglect or domestic violence. Children may be spending more time online, making them more vulnerable to cyber-bullying and exploitation. With social distancing keeping us apart, it’s more important than ever to look out for each other, to report anything that doesn’t feel right, and to speak up if we need support.


  • If you have concerns about a child in Calderdale, call 01422 393336.
  • If you have concerns about an adult in Calderdale, call 01422 393000 or email
  • To report concerns about children or adults outside of normal working hours, call the Emergency Duty Team on 01422 288000.


In an emergency: if you or others are in immediate danger, call 999. If you are in danger and cannot talk on the phone, dial 999 and then press 55. This will transfer your call to the team who will help without you having to speak.

Safeguarding at The Halifax Academy

Safeguarding is the overriding priority at The Halifax Academy and there are a range of policies and procedures in place that cover areas such as child protection, health and safety, medical needs, first aid, behaviour and bullying. Our students are taught about ways to keep themselves safe at an age appropriate level. Our curriculum includes a range of safeguarding work, including learning how to stay safe with regard to: anti-bullying, substance misuse, child sexual exploitation, radicalisation and extremism. We work closely with other agencies to support this work.


Internet safety is a crucial aspect of our work and is a constant feature of the curriculum. We provide parents with information about Internet safety through Family Learning and information sent home.


Child Protection is one aspect of safeguarding. We all have a duty to safeguard children and all staff and volunteers working in school have regular training and are familiar with the statutory guidance of Keeping Children Safe in Education (September 2020). Training is provided on all aspects of safeguarding, including: the signs of abuse; Prevent strategy to protect children from radicalisation and extremism; child sexual exploitation and female genital mutilation. Our Safeguarding Policy and Whistleblowing Policy can be found on the Policies page.


Our safeguarding team is led by Mr Glynn Eastwood. If you have any concerns about a child at the academy, no matter how trivial they may seem, please raise them with the designated safeguarding lead. In the Primary phase, please report any concerns to Mrs Susan Keasey, Primary Home School Liaison Officer. For secondary students please contact Mr Glynn Eastwood, Assistant Head for Personal Development, Safeguarding and Attendance, and in his absence Ms Tracey King, Safeguarding and Attendance Officer, or Ms Sammia Nazir, Assistant Head for Behaviour, or Mr Perry, Headteacher.


Should you have any concerns regarding any member of staff or adult working in our academy, please report them to the Headteacher, Mr Perry. Should you have any concerns about Mr Perry, please report them to Dr Phil Shepherd, Chair of Governors, who can be contacted through the school office on 01422 301080. You can also contact Calderdale’s Multi Agency Screening Team on 01422 393336/392881 if you have concerns about a child being at risk of harm.


Further information is available on the Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board website:

If you are worried about a particular issue, you may be able to find information and advice via our Health & Wellbeing page.


Glynn Eastwood

Designated Safeguarding Lead – Secondary


Sammia Nazir

Designated Safeguarding Lead – Secondary


Sue Keasey

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead – Primary


Tracey King

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead – Secondary